SmashTunes displays the currently playing Music, iTunes or Spotify track in the menu bar of your Mac. You can customize which track information you want to display and how SmashTunes should shorten the information when you run out of screen real estate.

Other features include:

  • Supports play, pause, next, previous, shuffle and repeat functions, from the menu in the menu bar.
  • Control Spotify and Music via hot keys aka keyboard shortcuts. All common features are customisable. You can even love tracks with a simple keystroke, with minimal interruptions.
  • Rating and loving tracks is possible for Apple Music. You can choose to automatically rate a track when you love it, or vice versa.
  • Seamless switching between Spotify and Apple Music. If you use them both, you can hit play in one, and the other is automatically paused.
  • Display the track's artwork either in a floating window or as a widget (for recent versions of macOS)
  • Access Music playlists right from the menu.
  • Add tracks from Apple Music to your library. Either manually or when liking it.
  • Add tracks to playlists.
  • Track your listens on ListenBrainz.

You can try SmashTunes for free! If you like it, it won't cost you the bank.

Access common Spotify & Music functions from the menu.
Keyboard shortcuts for a lot of menu items. There's even an option to mute to a sound level of your choice.
General settings control things like how ratings are treated.
SmashTunes can display album artwork
Add tracks to the library or to a playlist (for Apple Music).
You can configure a macOS widget to display the artwork and (optionally) track info.
You get a lot of control over how you want to display track information.

Play / Pause / Next / Previous / Select / Playlist control / Ratings

Play / Pause / Next / Previous

Display track info in menu bar check_circle check_circle
Hotkeys a.k.a. keyboard shortcuts check_circle check_circle
Rate tracks through the menu or by using hotkeys check_circle check_circle
Add tracks to playlists or library check_circle
Display artwork/ widget check_circle check_circle
Scrobble to ListenBrainz check_circle check_circle
In case you're running a version of macOS older than Monterey (12.0), you can contact me for an older version of SmashTunes.