On this page you can get support for SmashTunes.

Below you can find a description of known problems. In case you have any other questions or remarks, please use the general feedback form. We'll get back to you, in any case.

With the arrival of macOS Mojave (10.14) application that control other applications, as is obviously the case with SmashTunes, require permission from the user to do so. In case you've refused control and are wondering why SmashTunes isn't working properly, make sure to check the `Automation` settings within the `privacy` settings of the Security & Privacy control panel.
Unfortunately, there are no options to make this much easier (from within SmashTunes).

Security Settings

Known problems

Currently, you may see some more logging than usual. This is only logging and should impact the SmashTunes' functionality. Although, this logging cannot be solved by us, we're working on a solution to minimize it.

2018-02-20 15:49:41.512143+0100 SmashTunes[2268:99278] AppleEvents: received mach msg which wasn't complex type as expected in getMemoryReference.