SmashTunes is a Mac application that lets you control iTunes or Spotify from the menu bar or by keyboard shortcuts, while showing the currently playing song. It is one of those little applications you can't do without. SmashTunes is not intrusive, it does not display annoying windows; it gives you the information you want, and lets you get on with what you're doing. Nothing more, nothing less.

In the screenshot below you can see what it looks like. You can type away in Word, and see what's currently playing. No floating windows, to distract you from your work. The music playing is the only distraction, but that is by choice.

Read the review at Mac360:

"Click, click, click, done. SmashTunes is that powerful, that elegant, that enabling."

-- Alexis Kayhill

"SmashTunes, does what I need it to do in a very simple and elegant way. Snagged a bargin!"

-- Sam Rowlands, Ohanaware



Control both iTunes and Spotify, from the menu bar or by using hot keys!

Display track information

SmashTunes can display information about the current track in the menubar. This information includes the track name, the artist, album, duration and the rating.

Change the track rating

Change the rating of a track, from the submenu, or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts a.k.a. hotkeys

Define keyboard shortcuts for common functions like play / pause, next, previous and the rating of tracks. These shortcuts work globally across the whole system! This is ideal for quickly jumping to a next track, without interrupting your workflow!

Off course SmashTunes starts when your system starts, optionally hidden until iTunes is actually running.